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Science Department

Department Vision

Every pupil an inquirer

Department Mission

To facilitate and provide for the nurturing and education of each individual pupil in Scientific facts, concepts and skills and to inculcate in each a greater concern for the environment

Science Department

  • To improve the quality of teaching and learning through varied pedagogy / programmes and customised curriculum
  • To deliver an inquiry-based curriculum
  • To infuse NE and school core values into the teaching and learning of science
  • To develop and build staff capacity through training and development

Science Activities / Programmes

  • Process Skills Activities
  • Investigative Work
  • Practical Tests
  • Nature Ramble
  • Science in Everyday life Experiences(SEE)
  • E2K Enrichment


  • Pupils work on hands-on activities to develop process skills progressively.
  • Two to three skills are focused for each level, culminating at Primary 6 when pupils work on the Integrated Processes activities.

Hands-on investigative activities which help to develop process skills

Practical Tests - P3, P4 and P5 pupils undergo Practical Test conducted as part of Continual Assessment 2

E2K Enrichment Programme

  • Caters to high-ability learners in science for P4 to P6.  
  • Instructional methodology and materials are designed with a strong focus on process and thinking skills in science.
  • Through this programme, we want to motivate students to be confident and independent researchers in their own right.

Young “researchers” at work – Mini science carnival at school canteen

E2K weekly Activities

Science in Everyday life Experiences (SEE Programme) – promotes in pupils a greater awareness of the phenomena in nature as well as every day occurrences and to think of or conduct research to find out the scientific concepts that explain them

P3 Maths and Science Trail

Learning science through experiential learning both within and out of school

P4 Changi Airport Trail

Hydroponics – Termly cultivation for a good cause. The vegetables that are harvested are donated to the Jamiyah Home for the Aged

Care for the Environment

Item Setting Workshop for Science Teachers

Item Setting Workshop for Science Teachers.jpg