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Application period for Parent Volunteer Scheme for child born in 2016  will be from 01 Feb 2021 to 28 Feb 2021. 
Interested parents, please email to in Jan 2021 for an application form.

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Updates to Parent Portal:

A Parent's Guide for Children with Special Education Needs (info guide)

17 Sept: Letter from P's Desk 48/2020 (for P6 only)           
Reminder to  Parents of Primary 6 Students (2020) On Swab Testing for Higher Risk Groups for PSLE 

14 Sept: Letter from P's Desk 47/2020
                    PSLE & SA2 – Student Well-being 
                    PSLE Listening Comprehension Exam  
                    Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations 2020 
                    Children’s Day Celebrations   
                    Nominations for HIPS Inspiring Educator Awards 2020 
                    Safe Management Measures 
                    Updates and Reminders 
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31 August: Letter from P's Desk 45/2020
                         Teachers’ Day Celebration 
                         Edusave Character Award (ECHA)  
                         Catholic Education Sunday (Catholics only) 
                         P6 CCA Stand Down 
                         Safety Reminders 6. Dengue Alert  
                         MOE’s Instagram 
                         Updates and Reminders 
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