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English Department


Critical Reader, Eloquent Speaker & Accomplished Writer


To develop pupils’ love for the English language through a vibrant and enriching environment

English Programmes

P1 – P6 Reading Programme
P3 – P5 Literature Programme
P1 – P3 Broadbased Programmes
Philosophy 4 Children (P4C) 
Learning with Newsmaker & Moo-O 
Language Arts Programme

P1 – P6 Reading Programme

P3 & P5 Literature Programme

  • To build competency in reading through a structured reading programme
  • To encourage reading in pupils through book studies of books by local authors
  • P3 – Danger Dan
  • P5 – Ellie Belly: Mousey Mayhem 
  • After reading the book, pupils will follow up with reading, oratorical or writing activities to enhance learning.

Broadbased Programmes

To build pupils’ competency in English language through broadbased programmes
P1 – Poetry Recitation
P2 – Choral Reading
P3 – Speech and Drama

Philosophy 4 Children (P4C)

  • Methodology that develops, enhances and enriches thinking and questioning skills.  
  • P4C builds on students’ wonder and curiosity and enriches their understanding.
  • Encourages collaboration among pupils
  • Builds confidence in pupils through public speaking

Learning with Newsmaker & Moo-O

  • To enhance pupils’ oratorical skills and confidence
  • To allow pupils to take on different roles and characters
  • To allow pupils to infuse writing skills with the software