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National Education


A committed citizen with a strong sense of shared nationhood and national cohesion


To nurture our pupils into loyal citizens with a strong understanding of the importance of racial and religious harmony in Singapore


Heart 2 Heart Programmes

  • Adopting Pertapis Children’s Home, Jamiyah Children’s Home and St. Joseph Home
  • Collaborating with NECDC, Hougang CCC.
  • Home visits
  • Overseas Learning Journeys (Internationalization)
  • NE Show
  • Celebration of Core events such as Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day
  • Kampung Games
  • Jalan Singapura Activities
  • AEP
  • CIP


Mind 2 Mind Programmes

  • Heritage Tours
  • Learning Journeys
  • Sculpture Walk
  • Project Work
  • Quizzes, Reflections
  • Malay Language Activities
  • AEP
  • Incorporated into core and non-core subject syllabus
  • Chinese: Flagship, Cultural Programmes
  • Overseas Immersion and Twinning Programmes