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Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)


To have fit and healthy pupils who are equipped with essential skills to lead a healthy lifestyle


Every physically fit pupil to take part in physical activity regularly and to eat healthily. This is in line with the vision of the Ministry of Education, Co-Curricular Activities Branch (MOE CCAB) of developing ‘Cultured and Active Youths of Tomorrow’,

Holy Innocents’ Primary School offers a range of CCA comprising Sports, Uniformed Groups, Aesthetics and Clubs and Societies to our pupils. Through their participation in CCA, pupils practise our core values through the learning of skills and working together as a team.


To provide pupils with a well-balanced and well-rounded education through the participation of co-curricular activities to enhance their social, emotional, physical and psychological values and acquisition of 21st Century Competences (21 CC).

Co-Curriculum Activities Programme