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Vision . Mission . Core Values


Caring HeArts, CReativE Minds

We are committed to nurture the potential in each child to the fullest and develop his character in a God-centred environment so as to prepare him for the challenges of the future and to serve the nation.

Nurture Potential.jpgGod-Centred Environment.jpgPrepared for Challenges.jpg
Nurture PotentialGod-Centred EnvironmentPrepared for Challenges

Core Values

1. Sincerity.jpg2. Charity.jpg3. Graciousness.jpg
We are true to our friends. We show love, care and concern from our hearts
We are compassionate and generous.We are respectful and considerate.
4. Integrity.jpg5. Self-Discipline.jpg6. Resilience.jpg
We are honest, upright, trustworthy 
and have strong moral principles.
We are responsible and 
exercise self-restraint.
We are resourceful problem solvers
determined to succeed.