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Chinese Department

Department Vision 部门愿景

To nurture pupils’ love for learning Chinese and impart them with the knowledge of Chinese history and culture.


Department Mission 部门使命

To provide an enriching environment where pupils enjoy the learning of the Chinese Language.


Our Chinese Language Department 华文部门

We aim to ensure the long term vitality for learning Chinese, ignite the passion of teachers and students through interesting activities, innovative pedagogy and values education.


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Through the collaboration of Chinese Language department, SAP department and CCE (Curriculum) department, we hope to provide pupils with a wholesome education that develops them holistically.


Our Chinese Language Curriculum Framework 课程架构

We strive to provide age appropriate and ability appropriate curriculum for all our pupils so that they can perform to the best of their ability.


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Our Pedagogies and Approach 教学法与教学途径

  • Innovative and creative pedagogies that engages our pupils.
  • 以创意及创新的教学法提升学生对华文的学习兴趣。

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  • Use of ICT to engage our pupils.
  • 与时并进,把资讯科技融入教学当中,让学生学得开心。

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  • Provide additional support for our pupils.
  • 为学生提供额外辅助,让每一个学生都能得到适当的支持。

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Our Key Programmes and Activities 主要活动

Through our department key programmes and activities, we are able to reach out and engage various segments of our pupils.


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