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Parent Support Group


The Parent Support Group (PSG) executive committee was first formed in 2000 with a small group of members. Since then, with the strong support and commitment from dedicated parent volunteers, the committee members, Principal, Vice-Principals and the teachers, the committee has grown from strength to strength. Currently, the PSG has 13 committee members. 


Partnering the school in the pursuit of school excellence and home-school and community involvement for the benefit of our children


To encourage more parents to be involved in their children's education at school and help to promote a loving and conducive learning environment for our children to learn and grow holistically


PSG Logo.jpg
Our logo is the brainchild of the first executive committee. It symbolizes the link between the school and the parents working together to provide quality education, love and care for our children. 

Advisory and Committee Members

Miss Lena Seet
Mrs Sharon Tobias
(VP Academic)

Chairperson: Jeffrey Pang
Vice- Chairperson: Chan Ming Fei
Secretary: Luwen Loo
Assistant Secretary: Karen Law
Treasurer: Yang Yan
Assistant Treasurer: Serene Ngiam

Committee Members
Adeline Chang
Jenny Ong
Julia Chua
Kory Joesman
Lee Xiu Fen
Roger Quek
Tan Chia Chyi


PSG activity.jpg

GIFT - Growing in Faith Together
Led by our Chaplain, the GIFT volunteers and teachers have developed programmes for students at the different levels. Topics such as the lives of Saints and the Gift of the Holy Spirit are shared during these sessions.  The GIFT programme is not a substitute for the Catechism programme conducted in the parishes. 
Since the pandemic, GIFT lessons are online via the Student Learning Space, and are interactive using videos, activities and songs.  Regular prayers such as the daily Guardian Angel Prayer and student-led Rosary prayer in May and October anchor our students in faith.

PSG Commitee - Potluck Gathering
The objective of this event is to provide an opportunity for all members to get together to build stronger bonds and also to get to know the teachers and staff better at informal events.We look forward to your support and hearing from you.Thank you.

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